Co-founders Ryan Nassab and Tyler Preston grew up together in West Vancouver, British Columbia and attended the same high school and university. Over the years, they strengthened their connection over a mutual affinity for artists and high-quality, bespoke, sustainable clothing brands. Yet after one particularly long late-night chat in their dorm, they quickly realized that clothing brands which checked all their boxes were few and far between — it sparked them to create the concept for RIEL WARDROBE Limited.


After partnering with marketing, business-development, and multimedia agency Octane Collective, the RIEL team solidified their brand’s identity: a truly sustainable Canadian brand focused on supporting breakthrough artists by featuring their work in each of RIEL’s limited-release capsule collections.


Driven to spearhead positive global change, RIEL WARDROBE is dedicated to continued work on unique social initiatives with revolutionary organizations like Plastic Bank. Our vision for a brighter future includes far more than just our team and immediate community — it's about expanding this proactive vision and living a RIEL lifestyle. Join our growing worldwide community on this journey. Be part of the change by repping our brand and living your RIEL life.