RIEL WARDROBE has officially partnered with Canadian-based social enterprise, Plastic Bank to launch THE [MSK] PROJECT.

Proactively taking a sustainable stand against the influx of plastic pollution caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, RIEL is selling multi-use, machine-washable masks for non-medical use and donating proceeds to Plastic Bank’s global efforts of eliminating ocean plastic pollution at the source.

“All of the defining images of the coronavirus pandemic seem to feature one thing: Plastic.” – Rob Picheta, CTV NEWS

“Right outside my house there are discarded gloves and masks… these are quickly washed down into the sewer and Atlantic Ocean” – Rob Picheta, CTV NEWS

“I’ve grown accustomed to having meals delivered to my doorstep… Now I’m starting to see the plastic containers piling up in my home.” – Nareerat Wiriyapong, Bangkok Post

Since March 2013, Plastic Bank has been focused on creating a “regenerative society” by building ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities around the world. With 311 collection points situated in countries including Haiti, the Philippines, and Indonesia, Plastic Bank works with and compensates locals to eliminate plastic pollution before it enters the ocean ecosystem. Plastic Bank’s global efforts have recovered 10.7 million kilograms of plastic waste to date (*blockchain verified*).

To support this cause, RIEL WARDROBE will be selling multi-use machine-washable masks for personal non-medical use. Every mask purchased eliminates 3.5 kg of plastic waste—that represents 175 half-litre PET bottles. Starting June 10th, you can be a part of this revolutionary movement by purchasing a [MSK] at Please visit for real-time updates on how much plastic waste our community has prevented to date.